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Senior Design Project History

The senior design program is a year-long opportunity for senior engineering majors to work directly with industry sponsors to produce a solution to a relevant issue. The project begins in the fall of students’ senior year, and project completion is expected the following spring. The Accreditation Board for Engineering and Technology requires a major design experience (MDE), and the senior design project is modeled after this to give students real-world experience.

2019-2020:  Harness and Lug Efficiency Systems
Funding:  $20,000
Customer:  GE Transportation

2019-2020:  Design and Development of a Lab-Scale Rotary Dryer
Funding:  $15,000
Customer:  Lhoist North America

2019-2020:  Automated Thermal Flattening of Convoluted Hose
Funding:  $15,000
Customer:  Parker Hannifin

2019-2020:  Smart Plunger
Funding:  $15,000
Customer:  SmartLift Solutions LLC

2018-2019:  Design and Development of an Actuation and Extraction Force Tester for Switch Assemblies
Funding:  $20,000
Customer:  Applied Avionics Inc.

2018-2019: Emissions Opacity Testing Using Machine Vision
Funding:  $20,000
Customer:  BNSF Railway Company

2018-2019:  Laser Position Accuracy Test Set
Funding:  $15,000
Customer:  Rotating Precision Mechanisms Inc.

2018-2019: lnvestigation, development and testing of plunger lift systems
Funding:  $20,000
Customer: Smartlift Solutions LLC

2017-2018: Development & Testing of Automated Methods for Unloading Bricks from Kiln Car Hacks
Funding:  $25,000
Customer:  Acme Brick Company

2016-2018:  Ballistic Catch Box
Funding:  $68,000
Customer:  Lockheed-Martin Missile and Fire Control

2016-2017: Design of an Electronic Grip Gauge
Funding: $10,000
Customer: Lockheed-Martin Aerospace Manufacturing Technology Group

2016-2017: Design of an Adhesive Dispensing System
Funding: $60,000
Customer: Klein Tools

2015-2016: Development of a Variable Irradiance Tester for DLP Mirror Array
Funding: $10,000
Customer: Texas Instruments Inc,

2015-2016: Automated Stanchion Project
Funding: $50,000
Customer: Parker Aerospace

2015-2016: Development of an Inverter IGBT Torque Tool
Funding: $30,000
Customer: GE Transportation (Locomotives)

2014-2015: Development of a Building Energy Usage Monitoring System
Funding: $25,000
Customer: Axxis Building Systems, Inc.

2014-2015: Bone Processing of Skeletal Remains
Funding: $40,000
Customer: UNTHSC’s Center for Human Identification

2013-2014: Design of an Intelligent Tooling System with an Application to Airframe Manufacturing Quality Control
Funding: $15,000
Customer: Lockheed-Martin Aerospace

2013 – 2014: Seeded Fault Test Rig
Funding: $16,000
Customer: Bell Helicopter Textron, Inc.

2012-2013: Fiber Optic Cable Assembly Positioning and Curing System
Funding: $10,000
Customer: Corning Cable Systems

2012-2013: Development of an Automated Testing Station
Funding $45,000
Customer: Aerospace Optics, Inc.

2011-2012: Investigation of a Cockpit Synthetic Display System
Funding: $69,000
Customer: Bell Helicopter Textron, Inc.

2011-2012: Testing and Evaluation of an Epitrochoidal Crankshaft Prototype Engine – Phase 2.
Funding $5,000
Customer: Marozzi, LLC

2010-2012: Testing and Evaluation of an Epitrochoidal Crankshaft Prototype Engine
Funding: $5,000
Customer: Marozzi LLC
Video of Epitrochoidal Crankshaft Prototype Engine

2010-2011: Development of Experiments for Energy Systems Emphasis
Funding: $13,000
Customer:  TCU Department of Engineering (Project Sponsor)

2009-2010: Development of an Automated Magnetometer Calibration System
Funding:  $25,000
Customer:  Gearhart Companies, Fort Worth, Texas Christian University

2009-2010:  Health Monitoring of Composites in Aircraft Structures
Funding:  $10,000
Customer:  Sandia National Laboratories, NM

2008-2009: Health Monitoring and Diagnostic Testing of Electric Distribution Components
◦    High-Voltage Current Breaker Monitor
◦    Non-Distributive Assessment of In Place Utility Wood Poles
Funding:  $27,800
Customer:  Oncor Electric Delivery

2007-2008: Automated Ballasting System for a Submersible Cylinder
Funding:  $30,000
Customer:  U.S. Navy

2006-2007: Multivariate Volumetric Mixing System
Funding:  $15,000
Customer:  Stone Innovations

2005—2006: Ballistic Shock Simulator and Multi-Channel Data Recorder
Funding:  $29,000
Customer:  Aberdeen Proving Ground

2004—2005: Low Frequency Accelerometer Calibrator
Funding:  $15,000
Customer:  PCB Piezotronics

2003–2004: Mechanical Signature Diagnostic Testing and Analysis of Low Voltage Oil Circuit Breakers
Funding:  $20,000
Customer:  Oncor

2002-2003: Measurement Systems Development to Support Manufacture of Joint Strike Fighter
Funding:  $15,000
Customer:  Lockheed Martin

2001-2002: Measurement Enhancement of Blast Data
Funding:  $15,000
Customer:  U.S. Army Engineer and Development Center Waterways Experiment Station (WES)

2000-2001: In-Line Vacuum Detection System
Funding:  $27,000
Customer:  Alcon Laboratories, Inc.

1999-2000: Laser Assisted Tool Calibration Universal Fixture
Funding:  $28,816
Customer:  Bell Helicopter Textron

1998-1999: Fracture Toughness Tester
Funding:  $18,000
Customer:  RockBit International, Inc.

1997-1998: Linear Displacement Measurement Standard
Funding:  $10,000
Customer:  Bell Helicopter Textron, Inc.

1996-1997: Cold Gas Shock Tube
Funding:  $14,200
Customer:  Endevco

1995-1996: Pressure and Acceleration Measuring Systems
Funding:  $1,300
Customer:  Privatized Launch Systems (Fictitious Company)