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Departmental Honors

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Engineering majors who plan to pursue Departmental Honors must be members of the John V. Roach Honors College and should enroll in ENGR 30003 Honors Tutorial during their junior year and ENGR 40003 Senior Honors Research Paper during their senior year.  The Honors Tutorial provides the student the opportunity to work individually with a faculty  member to study and explore an area of mutual interest.

Recent examples include design of elements of a fiber optic system, design of a refrigeration test facility, characterization of the frictional pressure drop in a capillary-tube flow, and development of digital signal processing algorithms for an optical interferometer.  The Senior Honors Project allows students to continue working in the area explored during the Honors Tutorial; the student is challenged to apply the knowledge and skills acquired in the tutorial course to implement a solution to a “real-world” problem. Senior Honors Projects represent the highest levels of undergraduate research and creative activity. The final reports are placed in the Special Collections are of the Mary Couts Burnett Library.