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At TCU, we offer a distinctly different undergraduate learning experience. It’s founded on the belief that we should do more than just teach technical skills. Our students have broad interests and most are involved in a variety of activities outside the engineering department. Communication skills, teamwork and systems-level thinking are taught throughout the engineering program curriculum and are emphasized in a year-long interdisciplinary, industry-sponsored design project. Research opportunities are offered to many of our undergraduate students, and we provide opportunities to gain experience with state-of-the-art equipment in our numerous lab classes.

The mission of the Department of Engineering is to educate individuals to be proficient in the art and science of engineering.

Educate: small class size, extensive laboratory experiences, design projects starting with freshman year and culminating in the capstone year-long senior design project, opportunities for students to work with faculty on research and faculty dedicated to the teacher-scholar model of education all contribute to a strong educational experience for TCU engineering students.

Individuals: TCU students are treated as individuals, and faculty endeavor to help each student reach his or her potential.

Proficient: rigorous standards, along with faculty dedicated to helping students meet those standards, ensure that TCU engineering students will graduate with a set of skills that will serve them well in industry and/or graduate school.

Art: the art of engineering includes being able to clearly communicate ideas, and work effectively in team settings. Engineering students work in teams and give presentations throughout their course of study. The TCU engineering faculty also believe that knowledge of engineering ethics, and the ability to find solutions to open-ended problems are also an important part of the art of engineering. Finally, TCU’s degree requirements are built around the idea that students require a broad exposure to the liberal arts in order to facilitate their development as outstanding citizens in the global community.

Science: TCU Engineering faculty believe that a strong background in the fundamental scientific principles of engineering is essential to lifelong learning and being able to adapt to new technologies.

Engineering: The program is accredited by the Engineering Accreditation Commission (EAC) or ABET, which defines engineering as “the application of mathematics and science to develop ways to utilize the materials and forces of nature for the benefit of mankind.”